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Mindful kids

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Intelligences worked

Body & move Emocional Musical Social ... Emocional Musical Social


Here you can download the teaching guide for this extra activity to do with the toy and print activities related to the game. You can also download the digital game and use it whenever and wherever you want.

How to use the digital game

Here you will watch a video where you can learn how to exercise each technique that you have chosen with your spinning top (toy).
You also have 2 extra sections. One for mandalas, where you can download them and colour them and another one related to massages. Use these guidelines and practice with your mates.

How to use the toy

Mindful Kids Experience offers a complete mindfulness program which promotes concentration, self-control and the resolution of conflicts in the classroom with the practice of breathing, relaxation, yoga and meditation exercises.

It is important that an adult guide the activities at first, using the teaching guide instructions (downloadable in this page) as a guide. Follow these steps:

Choose a technique/exercise disc to practice and place it on the top
Choose the same disc on the digital board, laptop or tablet
Spin the top and do the activity on which it lands. Then choose this same activity on the digital board, laptop or tablet.
Exercise the activity using the step-by-step instructions from the guide and online program.

Prepare your classroom Mindfulness sessions with the online resources found on Play Miniland such as:

Teaching guide and additional activity cards you may download and print at the bottom of this page with step-by-step instructions to prepare your mindfulness session
Step-by-step animations of the different techniques:
Conscious breathing
Muscle relaxation
Yoga poses
Relaxing massages
Background music and ambient sounds to aid in the concentration of the exercises
Timer to control the timings of the sessions that you wish to use
As an extra you may also download mandalas to print and color in the classroom

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Sie finden Ihren Zugangscode auf der Karte, die in Ihrem Miniland-Spielzeug enthalten ist

Falscher Code

Printable and Downloads

Technical characteristics


Emotionen und Werte, Gewohnheiten, Yoga und Entspannung

Teaching objective

Working on mindfulness using different relaxation techniques.


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