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Send a message: creating stories

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4-5 years
6-7 years

Intelligences worked

Speak & write Logical & Math Visual & spatial ... Logical & Math Visual & spatial
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How to play to Creating stories

Literacy educational resource to expand vocabulary, work on the order of the elements of the sentence and multi-language practice (Spanish and English). It is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 7, who will also be working in an artistic vein with drawing. Complete the learning with the activity sheets, the guide and the online game.

How to use the digital game

There are several simulated situations on the screen and they have a panel where they have various pictograms with, verbs, subjects, etc. Based on the situation, they must create the sentences by dragging the correct pictogram in the correct order. Once they have finished, they must click on the “ok” button in order to validate the structure of the sentence. The correction of the sentence will be done based on the language they have chosen at the beginning.

How to use the toy

With Send a message you can use the custom pins in the classroom to create the stories. They must discover the message suggested by the pictograms, analyze and interpret the sentence they have constructed. Next, they must represent the message, first by means of a drawing and, later, with writing the message that the sentence transmits with pictograms.

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Technical characteristics


Alphabet & Language, Creativity, Language

Teaching objective

Literacy. Create descriptive stories based on a visual situation.


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