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We work for a more inclusive future

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Our purpose

At Miniland, we have a purpose: to transform the present so that our society is a little better tomorrow.

What defines us:

Miniland works to take care of the present to improve the future, to build a better world with shared universal values: tolerance, respect, empathy, diversity, and sustainability. To achieve this, we seek to help families and educators with products, toys, and resources to support their work.

We take comprehensive care of each child. We aim to be with you throughout the journey.

Our impact on the environment:

At Miniland, we believe that committing to the environment means taking responsibility for how we use its resources. That’s why we embrace a circular economy model.



60 years along with you

The journey is always better when we do it in good company. That’s how we have felt since we started shaping our project in 1962.

Throughout this time, we have evolved and also anticipated to what was to come.

We are very happy to have had the opportunity to be involved in the educational work of so many families, teachers, and caregivers to build the tomorrow we aspire to. And we have done it the way we like the most: proactively and as a team.

Throughout our trajectory, we have created hundreds of solutions with a single objective: to help children grow, inside and out. Adapting to every stage of upbringing and education and embracing significant social changes.

We value values

Miniland is much more than a brand: it is a project shared by engaged and responsible individuals


We embrace diversity, progress, honesty, and innovation


We are naturally optimistic


We are genuine and responsible


We constantly innovate and improve

Howard Gardner: Multiple Intelligences.

Inspired by Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, according to which intelligence in children is not a single, static quality, at Miniland we believe that empowering twenty-first-century skills with multiple play experiences will encourage the formation of communities of educators and children inspired by active collaboration, collective creativity and continual learning.

We want children to experiment with the world from multiple perspectives, using a learning-by-doing, hands-on approach. We see them as the story players, the tiny grand creators of stories based on multiple developmental intelligences.


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