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Miniland Educational

A world where educating is making your own light shine


Our purpose

Our end purpose: uncover a world of experiences in learning and play in future generations that innately encourages all their potential. An enriching journey into the future where learning and creativity flow with energy in a unique way.

We are here to awaken and encourage the best in you as teachers and educators – a journey on which to create moments that mean something through creativity, learning and fun.


Brand Manifesto

Hello world, we are here to tell you: We accompany every child from the moment they first open their eyes. For Miniland, parenting and education symbolize the motors of the future. Every child is a galaxy. And shines with his or her own light. Caring for and teaching children does not mean protecting or indoctrinating them: It means admiring and connecting with them to let their talent flow. And growth, a collective journey of discovery.

We are a brand dedicated to the community of families and educators. It is time to celebrate that both we and they have our lives ahead. And to create meaningful moments.

We are Miniland and we have a plan: Growing together and enjoying life.

So every child can grow with their own light.

The values that motivate us

We free up talent in community. We breathe fun. We care for experiences


Caring does not just mean protecting: it means admiring to encourage, connecting in a healthy, natural way to create difference day after day.


We create simple, intelligent solutions that encourage growth from a foundation of emotion and expertise.


We free the talent in our community. We nurture experience.


We play to learn skills and knowledge. We conceive of fun as a way of life.


The confidence of knowing. The exactitude of learning with a smile.


We conceive of the little ones' individual growth as a fluid journey encouraged by an entire community of parents and educators.


The challenge of promoting diverse ways of exploring, discovering and awakening our talent. The certainty of knowing that anything is possible and dreaming further.

Howard Gardner: Multiple Intelligences.

Inspired by Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, according to which intelligence in children is not a single, static quality, at Miniland we believe that empowering twenty-first-century skills with multiple play experiences will encourage the formation of communities of educators and children inspired by active collaboration, collective creativity and continual learning.

We want children to experiment with the world from multiple perspectives, using a learning-by-doing, hands-on approach. We see them as the story players, the tiny grand creators of stories based on multiple developmental intelligences.


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