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Complete the word: vowels and consonants

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Ideal didactic resource to work on literacy in children from 5 years old. Children will be able to practice speaking and writing simple words in both Spanish and English. Game available online or by downloading the game on your computer. Complement the exercise with the physical toy and the printable cards.

How to use the digital game

There are different images and the word to which they refer (in Spanish and in English). But the word is not completed. They must complete it with the vowel or consonant needed by dragging it to the empty space.

How to use the toy

You can use our magnetic or sew-on letters to practice their writing and reading.

Printable and Downloads

Technical characteristics


Alphabet & Language, Language

Teaching objective

Recognize simple words associated with images. Detect if a vowel or consonant is missing and which one and to complete the word. Association of the word in Spanish and English.


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