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Parts of the body

2-3 years
4-5 years
Intelligences worked
Body & move
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Here you can download the teaching guide for this extra activity to do with the toy and print activities related to the game. You can also download the digital game and use it whenever and wherever you want.

How to use the digital game

Choose a doll using the side arrows and make a puzzle of the parts of the body. Drag each element to its place until you complete the doll.

How to use the toy

Identify the parts of the body with the help of the Miniland dolls and talk about the same: arms, legs, head and body. Work on the subject of diversity.Print and cut out the parts of the body cards. The game consists of moving the part of the Miniland doll shown on the card.

Printable and Downloads

Technical characteristics


Anatomy & Human Body

Teaching objective

Getting to know the parts of the human body.


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